Online glasses firmoo

Hello girls!
Today I show you my new glasses, I love brand new glasses from firmoo and I especially love them the low cost shopping , I can not help it.

These are not the first glasses that I buy from firmoo, you can see the first ones in>>> My first glasses firmoo.

For those who still do not know Firmoo is the online eyewear store most famous in the world. Years of experience in the optics industry make it possible to offer a wide variety of high quality prescription glasses at very low prices.
If you remember or if you have seen my post now, the other glasses are very similar but it is the style that I like, it only took 7 days to arrive and that that there was a bridge in the middle.
As always, I take care of all the details and aside from the glasses, there are 2 covers, a wipe to clean them , a small screwdriver and two screws to fix them in case they break (I hope you do not have to use it).
And that's how they are, I'm not makeup or nad, so they are not very c rueles.

These glasses are of the same quality that you buy in stores, simply this type of pages prefer to earn less in a few glasses and sell more. In the end they report the same or even more benefits than the stores that sell the expensive glasses.

Anyway, if you have doubts, as I always tell you, once you receive the glasses at home, take them to the optics with the excuse that they have given them to you and that you want to know what quality they have, and they review them without any problems.

But I already tell you that I have been using them for more than a year , and I have not had any problems, nor has the graduation or anything gone up.

Yes you like these glasses or others from the online web of firmoo you can to puntaros to the draw that I have active (you can find them all in the right banner), you can take both normal glasses and sunglasses, what you like if it is winning.
Also for being a follower of this blog using this code TRUQUITOSPARALASCHICASBLOGE4 you will have a $ 25 for your glasses in this section classic series glasses I remember that there are from $ 8 and can only be used by 5 people, so if you are interested run that they take it from your hands.
What do you think of the glasses online firmoo ? Do you like low cost shopping ? Besitos