My trip to Gibraltar - The line of conception

Hello girls!
As I told you the first day, I still teach you things to visit in The Line of conception in case you go on vacation. I remind you that I have already taught you Where to stay in the Line of conception? and Bahia Park water park.
One of the obligatory visits we have if we stay in the Linea de la Concepción or Algeciras is to go to the Rock of Gibraltar .
Well the first thing when I arrive as they are now with this conflict I thought I was going to throw 3 hours to get in, but only one day there was a jam, the television can not be done much case, they only take what suits them.
Well what I was going there was no tail and is to get there put the TV and surprise out on the news that had queues of 3 hours and me, how? come images of another day ... because of that day was impossible. That way of lying he hears.
If you want to climb the rock the best thing is to take the bus that goes right to the center, do not challenge your feet that I did and that tiredness.
Even so, if you are walking, you can go taking photos that is what I wanted, I could not come from there without taking a picture of these in Gibraltar.

You can buy the maps that sell on the machines for € 1 but if you walk a little to the center you will find the guides who give them for free.

If you keep walking and you have not lost hehe you will find this small lake with turtles and fish. It is not exactly clean.

This street is full of shops, basically it is made up of tobacco, stuffed animals and alcohol, from time to time some makeup escapes that can be bought much cheaper than in Spain. . How could be the lipstick of Mac.

If you keep walking you'll be up to the nostrils of foot pain! but you have these things that we always like to see.

And we have arrived, now there are several options to take the taxi that will take you around the rock stopping everywhere or take the cable car and go to your ball , I took the option of the cable car, the round trip price is € 14.70 per person, it is not cheap, but it is worth it.
The views are amazing.

And when you get up you find this little thing that I wanted to bring in my bag but they did not leave me. The views are unbeatable that if you support somewhere and a monkey will come to take you off if you notice I take the site. And after seeing how a lady was caught in the hair, I decided to take off and give the place to the monkey lord.

In the Peñon de Gibraltar it is very likely that the wind do not leave your cute hairs, so if you do not comb your hair, do not worry no one will notice.

Mama looks like I cover your eyes!

Paying a euro in these machines you can see the views much better.

In short the Peñon de Gibraltar is a very nice site that I liked a lot, and that everyone has to visit at least once in a lifetime.

Have you ever been to Gibraltar ? Kisses