Green Tables Initiative

¡Hola Beauties!

I am participating in the Green Tables initiative carried out by Tiendeo in collaboration with the NGO Accionatura with which you want to help protect and preserve the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve in Mexico, one of the natural places richest in biodiversity and at the same time most threatened on the planet.
Why Green Tables? The formula is very simple:
If you make your green table, Tiendeo and Accionatura sponsor you a square meter of tropical forest in Sierra Gorda. So, every time you check the computer from your desk, you'll know you're helping to protect one of nature's treasures.
How can you make your Green Table?
If you have a blog or web, just write a post about the initiative or place the badge with a link to Tiendeo. Here you have more information:

I encourage you to participate in the Green Tables Initiative , it will not take you more than two minutes, and you do well for the world.