Eat foods that make you happy

Hello girls!
Sometimes it happens to me that after eating I feel guilty, guilty of eating things that I should not, that I know they go directly to my cartridge belts, and that they do not add anything to me good.
Porello today I leave some healthy foods that we can eat when we want, that contain few calories and that help us to be very good humored and happy.
Comomuchas you will know there are many foods that make us happy, but not everyone is healthy, so I am going to leave you the foods that make you happy , the best, healthiest and easiest to find .

Foods that make you happy:

1. Elchocolate: helps reduce anxiety and is therefore one of the best foods to be happy . Sugarcane and cocoa make the body receptive to tryptophan, and thus increase the level of serotonin in the brain. And now you will say confused because chocolate is not healthy. The white chocolate, or the chocolate with milk is not healthy, that is the one that is great and the one that fattens.
But the chocolate with more than 75% pure, is very healthy and will make you happier.
It's true that maybe it's not as good as the others, but I like my two or three pieces with that soft bitter taste.
2. The banana: This fruit is full of nutrients and fibers, they are also rich envitamins, minerals and trace elements, and provide the body with a rapid energy supply.
This food is digested very easily and is also very rich.
3. Almonds: rich in tyrosine which is one of the basic components for the production of dopamine.
About 7-8 almonds each day will make you have a permanent smile on your face.
4. Lapiña: is a great ally against frustration and therefore one of the best foods to feel happy . It is rich in minerals and vitamins, contains active compounds that stimulate the production of serotonin, generating an optimistic vitality.
Also in summer with watermelon is one of the freshest fruits.
5 . Fish : is rich in vitamin B6 and tryptophan. Although all fish are healthy and make us happy, the best are salmon and tuna.
6. Lacarne : even if you do not believe it, it's a very healthy food if you eat it 3 times a week and cook it in the oven or on the grill, forget about the pan. Lacarne pork loin has many vitamins and is easily detached.
7. Laslegumbres : they contain folic acid that are very positive in our mood. They are the foods that I find it harder to eat, but I try to eat them even though I do not like them.
8. Losmejillones : they have a lot of vitamin B12, which helps strengthen brain cells, but they also have proteins and iodine that helps us to be in a good mood and to have a healthy weight.
9 Asparagus : this food will not only increase your happiness but also make you calm and calm.
10. Elcoco : in addition to being great, it also provides triglycerides to our body. It is a very healthy food. If I had to live on a desert island, I think I could survive.
Do you eat foods that make you happy ? Which one do you like the most?